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Eagle Aviation College empowers students to become transformative leaders who see clearly, decide wisely, and act justly.

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To actively pursue and uphold the status of being one of the most prestigious aviation and business college


By allowing each and every willing and able person, regardless of race, gender, background, disability or age; the opportunity to be educated with basic and advanced skills in such a way that the acquired knowledge can be practically and innovatively utilized in any working environment the individual may wish to enter.

Why Choose Us

EAAC College is a premier education institution offering both the traditional attendance mode and the distance learning program. We are committed to providing quality education and training programmes. We train airline cabin crew, travel consultants managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs in the aviation, business, and economics and management fields. At EAAC College you can start with your studies anytime, anywhere. Studying through distance education is made easy by combining service excellence with academic and student support. Our students are our first and foremost priority. At EAAC College we know that different students have different needs. By combining the use of quality lectures, technology and personal interaction, we aim to reduce the distance in distance education.
Accreditation and Registration
All programmes and qualifications offered at EAAC College are accredited by the relevant quality council or quality assurance partner, such as the Ministry of higher Education or TVET. The College is provisionally registered until 31 December 2014 for higher education with the Department of Higher Education as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act of 2012,
Affordable Studies
Various financing options are available to suit your pocket and there are no hidden costs. Please refer to the latest fee schedule for more information.
Career Advantages
Practical knowledge, realistic skills and functional ability to perform in any profession is anecessity for people who are serious about their careers. Our students have the advantage to immediately use and apply their knowledge and skills in the workplace. At EAAC College we train our students to have responsibility, integrity and practical skills. We train our students to be managers. If you want to excel in your career, we look forward to welcoming you as one of our prestigious students.


  • Jason Jabali
    I attended PMP Prep in Providence with EAAC, And All I can say is “WOW” They have created a unique training system, that clearly sets the pace against any other training I’ve attended! Among some of those others are top area colleges. If your looking to get the PMP under your belt .. Attending EAAC’s course is a must!
    Jason Jabali
  • Tutu Rashid
    I had an opportunity to lead a multi-party negotiation and it went so much better than usual because I prepared in the ways Negotiation Strategies instructed (planning document, walk-away, interests, positions, etc). My CFO and CEO were very impressed and I was able to get an amazing deal! I also felt very competent and prepared going into it, which felt GREAT! Thanks for Studying at Eagle Air Aviation College
    Tutu Rashid
  • Gyna Msambai
    EAC experienced instructors and advanced aircraft were an integral part in preparing me for a career as a professional pilot. Their drive for perfection equipped me with the fundamental skills and attitude required to take on just about any job in the aviation industry. The meticulous standards to which they maintain their aircraft always gave me peace of mind knowing that I was safe, while the well-equipped classroom and training facilities created an excellent environment in which to learn. The camaraderie created by this welcoming environment led to relationships and memories that will last a lifetime. I take the skills and experience that I gained during my time at EAC with me every day I go to work, making me a better and safer pilot.
    Gyna Msambai