Diploma in Air Cargo & Dangerous Goods Management

Air Cargo & Dangerous Goods Management
, also known as flight attendants, are primarily responsible for ensuring passenger safety during a flight. They are also required to ensure the comfort of passengers which is why good customer service skills are so important. Hours can vary so a flight attendant’s career is not for those who like to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. But the lifestyle is social, friendly and sometimes exotic – especially long-haul cabin crew jobs where you will fly and stop-over at world airports. It is hard work and rewarding. Joining EAAC Adanced Cabin Crew Course give a lot of advantages to the students. All trainers are ex-cabin crew high ranking offcers. Students will learn not only what is written in cabin crew manual, but also from the trainer experience and tips too. We will also recommend students name to airlines in order to get them employed as soon as possible. However, it is depend on student effort and determination.

Entry Requirements
Successful Completion of KCSE with D and above Good English Skills recommended Selection will be based on an interview

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