Purchasing & Supplies

The aim of the diploma of Purchasing and Supplies
Management (DPSM) is to provide students with necessary skills in Purchasing and Supplies Management that can enable them to respond to their need for effective management of public and private enterprises. The specic objectives of this Programme include:
i). To develop a coherent and broad based coverage of Purchasing and Supplies Management and the underlying principles in the supply chain management.
ii). To equip the learners with appropriate business skills in Purchasing and Supplies Management.
iii). To enhance learners condence and ability to critically evaluate supply chain requirements.
iv). To enable learners to develop solutions from moral, professional and academic perspectives.
v). To provide students with experience in the development of Supply Chain Systems necessary for solving business problems and making managerial decisions.
vi). To prepare the candidates to undertake research and pursue under-graduate studies
Entry Requirements : KCSE C- and Above

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