Project Management

This course builds on the curriculum of thegraduate certicateto include topics in project quality, risk and procurement management and managerial effectiveness. You’ll explore the application of quality management to projects, including planning, assurance, certication, audits, control, training, benchmarking and best practice. You will identify types of risks and learn risk analysis techniques. The function of contracting and procurement, and the acquisition process and contract administration are also examined. You will also develop the skills effective managers use in order to carry out the people oriented tasks of management.

The Kenya government expects the need for project managers to grow very strongly over thenext ve years, matching the rise in demand over the past decade. Opportunities for people with project management qualications is increasing in elds such as construction, law, education, health, commerce, information technology, marketing, public relations, and research and development project management courses offer a broad approach to project management, so you can apply your learning to a wide range of industries, including construction, engineering, education, health, commerce, information technology, and research and Project management development. The teaching staff have an extensive range of professional experience in the eld of project management, providing practical relevance to your learning.

Entry Requirements : C – Minus and above

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